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Open Source Projects at Spectral Class

ImageScale example

Download ImageScale 2.2

ImageScale is a program that allows for resizing images easily as well as generating XHTML-compliant code for use on the web. The resulting image gets saved to PNG, JPEG, GIF, or TIFF. Automatically maintains aspect ratio and allows both resize slider for quick scaling and direct manipulation of dimensions for fine-grained tuning. Now supports undo and redo of resize operations, .

Houser exampleHouser

Download Houser 1.0

Houser is a program for organizing housing and rental data when looking for accomodations. With this application, you can keep track of housing possibilities, organizing them by address, contact name, prices, etc. It also allows for the addition for contact conversation history and region map for each entry. The simplicity of the source code demonstrates what can be done with Cocoa Bindings.

Data Bank exampleData BankExport formats

Download DataBank 0.2

It is a really simple program which just organizes key-value pairs in a vaguely useful arrangement. The important aspect of the program, however, is that it demonstrates how to use plug-ins which share code with the host application. It also uses Cocoa Bindings for the UI and data organization. To facilitate the code sharing, it shows the creation and use of embedded code frameworks. Includes plug-ins to export to a raw text file, an XHTML web page, or a directory of text files (suitable for storage on an iPod to be used as digital flashcards).

Modify XCode project templatesXTemplate

Download XTemplate 0.7
Modify XCode file tempaltes
XTemplate is a developer tool to modify and create XCode project and file templates. Excellent for anyone who is building SDKs for their software or just wants to layout XCode's default templates exactly the way they want to see them. For example, XTemplate is a great tool for replacing the default source file comments with useful Doxygen tags for later documentation generation.


Download SCCSVParser.framework and CSV Viewer 1.0

SCCSVParser.framework is a Cocoa framework used to read CSV (Comma Separated Values) data files into high-level Objective-C objects. The parser uses a user-provided factory to create the data fields and assemble the records in the file so it lends itself easily to versatile embedding.

A simple CSV Viewer application is also included to demonstrate how to use some of the build-in factories (the framework provides one for building the CSV into an array of NSDictionary objects and another builds the CSV into an NSXMLDocument).

Full source code for both the framework and the viewer demo app is provided in the disk image.

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